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On an early Saturday morning, January 4, 1992 Daviid Lyri...
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Location : United States, Savannah
Bio : On an early Saturday morning, January 4, 1992 Daviid Lyric was brought into this world. He is a native of Savannah, Ga. He is the oldest of 6 Kids, five boys and one girl. Daviid is happily married to the love his life Cierra Mason and has a one year old daughter named Cadence Mason. Daviid is fluent in playing the piano, acoustic guitar, and the drums. It was at the mere age of 5 that Daviid found his first interest, drums. Growing up, Daviid played the drums in church. In 2006 is when Daviid first began to explore his music career as a Gospel Rapper. Rapping with his cousin over the years, they would include certain lines of the chorus that Daviid would actually sing the hooks of. Separation caused the duo to split forcing Daviid to find his own voice and pursue his own career. From there, it was as if he was then pushed into learning the piano in church for himself, where he later found a new found passion, playing behind his praise team and Bishop Byron Curry and First Lady Ericka Curry at Life in the Word where he would fellowship each Sunday. Playing behind the praise team eventually lead to him singing initially in the church choir where he began to realize he really had a voice. Over the years, singing in the church choir eventually shifted into singing on the church praise and worship team. His wife was initially the leader of the praise and worship team, but God saw it fit that the help meet needed covering and made it to where he was now the praise and worship leader. As he explored the journey of music in that direction, in 2013 is when he decided to change his approach on how he would worship, and began to change his raps into melodies. Daviid loves the Lord and enjoys not only singing praises to Him, but also living a saved, holy, and righteous life.
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